Linda & Frank

“On March 20, I held my dream wedding at Eureka 89 Melbourne, and all this beauty is attributed to the KW team. I have never seen such a 3D floral arrangement: the combination of high and low, the collison of red and white blooms. The modern and edgy vibes deeply impressed every guest. The perfect match of crystal candle holder and gold tableware made the neon light refraction compatible with the 89th floor overlook. No matter how many times I repeat my thanks, I can’t describe the shock brought to me by this stunning wedding scene. I just want to say that if you have such a small dedication to your wedding, don’t hesitate to give it to KW. Because I always believe that the perfect wedding is never about choosing a team with freaking awesome cases, but to choose a tasteful team that can blow your mind even if you are unrestrained!”



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