DO I Need a Wedding Planer? Or Just Need Wedding Flowers Service?

A wedding is an important and special new chapter in life for you and your partner. A wedding is not just a simple ceremony, also an unforgettable experience for both you and your family.

To prepare for a wedding, comparing and selecting suppliers is very time-consuming, and could be exhausting. We help balance time and quality. The time management for planning a dream wedding may overload couples who have full-time jobs or are busy studying. Our wedding planners will help you get in touch with all the various suppliers you need, including Wedding Make-Up Artists, Wedding Photographers, Wedding Videographers, Wedding Cars, Wedding Celebrants, Wedding Master of Ceremonies, and Wedding Venues. We will ensure that every supplier’s work is of the highest quality and runs smoothly for your big day!

If you and your partner have different cultural backgrounds, we are also experienced in planning multicultural weddings by integrating traditions from both. We have celebrated with plenty of couples in their Chinese, Malaysian, Singaporean, Vietnamese, and Western-style weddings. Whatever you desire and prefer, our professional wedding planners will help make your dream wedding come true!

For engaged couples passionate about self-organising every aspect of the wedding, we can be your best buddy in wedding floristry and coordination. Any flower arrangements you may have ever envisaged for your wedding, our in-house floristry team can design and provide – including the Bridal Bouquets, Wrist Flowers, Buttonhole Flowers, Ceremonial Flower Arrangements, Reception Flower Arrangements, Hanging Flowers and the list goes on! You can view our portfolio by colours for more unique wedding ideas.

We also have wedding coordination service for you, ensuring all the details are flawless and every session goes on smoothly. KW Weddings & Flowers will be your support in making the perfect wedding for you, your family, and all your guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start planning my wedding?
Begin by working out how many guests to invite to your wedding. Once you have an idea of guest numbers, you can then decide on which style of wedding you would like. The next step would be deciding on your wedding date. Thereafter the next best decision you can make is selecting the right wedding planner and coordinators!
What should my wedding budget be?
The wedding budget mostly depends on your wedding suppliers, which generally includes wedding venues, wedding photographer, wedding videographer, wedding make-up artists, wedding gowns, wedding flower arrangements, wedding celebrant, master of ceremonies, wedding cake, bonbonniere, wedding cars (e.g. vintage, horse drawn carriage, limousine).

Once you have settled on which kind of suppliers you would like involved in your wedding, you will then know roughly the wedding budget.The budget for wedding flowers is usually 10% percent of your overall wedding budget. This calculator can assist you in planning the spending of your wedding flowers based on your needs.
What are the most common wedding suppliers?
- Wedding Venues,
- Wedding Photographers and Videographers
- Celebrants
- Make-Up Artists
- Live Music Bands (e.g. Piano, Woodwind, Strings)
- Reception Master of Ceremonies
- DJ, Entertainment (e.g. Photo Booth, Hand Painting)
- Cars (e.g. Classic Cars, Horse & Carriage, Lincoln Limousine)
- Wedding Cake, Dessert Table & Lolly Bar, Bonbonniere
- The First Dance Studio
- Special Stage Effects (e.g. Fireworks, Smoke, Bubbles, Lighting).
How do I choose suitable suppliers for my wedding?
Our professional wedding planners will provide you with experienced wedding planning advice to help guide you through all the processes and determine the most suitable wedding suppliers for your wedding.
If I am already halfway through planning my wedding, can I still find a wedding planner to help me?
Short answer, Y-E-S!

If you have already confirmed the wedding venue and the other wedding suppliers, but you are finding it too difficult to handle all the suppliers, we have our wedding coordinator service for you. We will help design the run sheet for your wedding, be the contact for your suppliers before the wedding day and confirm all the service details, making sure to bump in and bump out any time with them as well. On the wedding day, we will give them all the support needed to set up and make sure everything runs smoothly!
What is KW Wedding and Flowers wedding design process?
When the couple confirms the wedding venue, we suggest the couple takes 1 to 2 weeks to brainstorm their wedding theme, style and colours. You could save photos from Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook to gather as much inspiration for your wedding as possible. Afterwards, we will collect these ideas and discuss with you in more detail to understand your wedding vision. Then we will present our design proposal to you with sketches of the wedding design within 1 to 2 weeks after meeting with you, as well as a rough budget for your wedding.
Why choose KW Weddings and Flowers?
We have experienced professional wedding planners, designers and a florist team providing you a one-stop solution for all your wedding planning needs!
Why choose KW Flowers?
For couples needing only the wedding flower arrangements, KW Flowers is your best option! We have many different styles and types of wedding decorations, including wedding archways, centrepieces, cake stands, and almost all the wedding props you could imagine. Our experienced florist team can help create your ultimate dream wedding!

How to Choose a Venue?

As a Melbourne-based studio, we are familiar with every wedding and event venue, and we have successfully helped many couples to celebrate the big day in most of them. You can view our portfolio by venue to find more inspirations. 

We have some tips for choosing an ideal venue that suits your wedding.

Begin Your Venue Search Early
Many wedding venues are booked up to a year in advance. Bring the search job on your schedule ASAP, especially if you are prioritizing your wedding date. If you have a flexible schedule and limited time for wedding preparations, don’t hesitate to contact us! 
Location and Plan B
When choosing where you'd like to tie the knot, the location always matters, especially for a weekday wedding. It’s related to the distance, accessibility, parking, and the wedding day rundown. For a destination wedding or overnight wedding, take nearby accommodations and the airport into count. If you are looking forward to a fantastic outdoor ceremony and/or party, be sure to choose a venue that works with your contingency plan.
Take Professional Help in Count
Professional wedding planners, stylists, coordinators, and florists are the walking, talking guide for local venues. With their rich on-site experience and advice, finding the best match for your dream wedding can be very time-efficient. They also help envision if the venue fits your preferred styles, needs, and demands, especially the guest count!
Confirm the approximate budget
The venue may end up being a major part of your wedding budget, so it is important to get clear pricing from the available venues. Apart from the room rental fee, extra fees for hiring, service charges, additional hours, etc may occur. Always confirm the overall price before you save the date with the venue.
The match between venue and style
Once you have decided on the style and size of your wedding, it often helps you narrow down the search. The ceremony and the reception can also be held in different venues, especially according to cultural or religious needs.
The must-haves and the restrictions
You may determine to book a venue because of its exciting “must-haves”, such as a pavilion in the romantic garden, a stunning pillar-less hall, serene vistas of the vineyard, a perfect spot for canapés, and so on. Accordingly, venues have restrictions and policies about alcohol, pets, décor, music, and many others. Pay attention to both sides of the coin.