Joy & Peng

“Karen is the best wedding planner and florist ever. She is veryprofessional. As a bride, l have no experience at all. Karen has the patience to help us answering all kinds of questions, which is really reassuring! Things like entertainment, gifts, the choice of details, tablecloths and candles, will drive me crazy if l did it myself. Thank God Karen was there helping us. When choosing the flowers, I just sent a few pictures found on Pinterest to Karen. What Karen has presented on the weddingday is spectacular. lt was exactly the freshness and pale pink feel that I imagined. It was very natural and simply beautiful. Moreover, the buttonholes, corsages and bridesmaids’ bouquetsare packed in nice and exquisite boxes. I can tell Karen’s team is really caring for the whole experience. Thanks to the wedding coordinators who were present that day, including Karen herself, lovely Wendy and Queenie…”



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