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Iris & Leighton

As a wedding planner, stylist, and florist, Karen and the KW team welcome weddings of all styles and sizes. Both the bride Iris and the groom Leighton graduated with design majors, so they had clear expectations for their minimalist wedding banquet. We agreed on an elegant light mauve and pink theme that combined contemporary and natural styles with a minimalist base. The bride’s bouquet featured dusty roses and white orchids, complemented by off-white dried flowers and silvery white ferns, which perfectly matched her elegant makeup look and the modern cropped gown. They also felt highly satisfied with the styling and display of the dessert table.

Melbourne Wedding Jishan Garden

Karen and her team is so professional and customers oriented. They spent a lot of time to discuss with us for every details of our wedding even it was a small one. They were not doing generic design for us like some others might do.
I highly recommend them to everyone who needs a creative and reliable florist.

Iris Wang