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Lena & Payne

Lena is gorgeous lady grown up in Beijing. Having be influenced by deep Chinese Culture, Lena told us that she wished to hold a wedding with Chinese Charm when we meet up for the first time. Magnolia and blue-white porcelain are her favourites which is she hoping could be one of the key elements of her wedding. Therefore, our florist has chosen magnolia, dahlia, and cymbidium as the main flowers, with porcelain wares as decoration. Different from the traditional Chinese style, every detail in her wedding exudes freshness and refined craftmanship, just like the bride herself extraordinarily elegant.

The wedding venue, Coombe, is a private and affectionate winery located in Yarra Valley. The ceremony was inside of its private garden. Accompanied by floral and fruity aromas that complement the magnolia theme. The baby blue napkins and delicate Chinese-style bookmarks bonbonnieres are carefully selected by the bride herself which reflect the bride’s good taste.