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Siting & Kevin

This garden wedding at Cloudehill can be one of the most chill and relaxing outdoor celebrations that all the guests have attended – our couple, Siting and Kevin, decided to turn their wedding into a sweet afternoon tea party! The ceremony was in romantic violet and pure white. Love that white wooden arch with silky drapes. Love the white cross-back chairs with tiny daisy pew sides. Love the green grass carpet runner covered with white petals. You can find over four types of daisies in different sizes and colours, accompanied by violet Persian lilacs and a few rose heads. We believe that everyone enjoyed the daisy-filled dessert table and drink station. Bon Appetit!

Melbourne Cloudhill Wedding S+K-6

Karen, Becky, Martin, Iris and their team have done a wonderful job preparing our venue setup. The outcome was exactly what was discussed during the design phase, and they were very professional and understanding when it comes to the requirements. They will also propose very useful ideas as they have been in the industry for a very long time, little things that we may not have thought about, they will assist to cover gaps and provide the best solution for our wedding. Thank you once again to Karen Wang and team. Well done!

Kevin Er