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Sue & Phil

Lyrebird Falls is one of our favourite garden wedding venues – it has a tiny garden with an ornate gazebo in front of the evergreen forest of the Dandenong Ranges. Our couple preferred an elegant and chic wedding in white and green only, and the accent colour was the unique dark emerald green. For the ceremony, we decorated the small entrance with pure dahlias, roses, lilies, and budding delphiniums. The highlight of the backdrop was the asymmetric dark green velvet drapes, which laid a contrast to the white flowers, the gazebo, and garden chairs. The velvet gift bags at the reception were the reoccurrence of the velvet element.

Melbourne Wedding at Lyrebird Falls S & P-8

We used KW wedding for the flowers and wedding coordinator for my wedding on 25 March 2023. I couldn’t be more happier with how everything turned out. The flowers are amazing. Karen is so easy to communicate with. I also asked them to incorporate my own indoor plants into my wedding bouquet. Jenny did an amazing job.
I got into an accident the night before the wedding. I had to use crutches. I can safely say, the wedding wouldn’t go as well if not for Iris, the wedding coordinator. My foot got so swollen it couldn’t fit into any shoes I brought for the wedding. Iris was extremely thoughtful, she even brought me slippers. Iris, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much. I had an amazing day. All thanks to you.

Sue Xie