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Kate & Spencer

“Perhaps the people living in the world are just waiting for an encounter, a timely encounter, the right time, you will meet.”- Hayao Miyazaki.

Kate and Spencer are big fans of the Japanese animation master, Hayao Miyazaki. The wedding theme they wanted is unique and not boring. The idea of combining the elements form Kiki’s Delivery Service and My neighbor Totoro, burst out of our wedding stylist’s head. Why not a magical theme with a Japanese amination twist? The dominant colors we have chosen for this wedding is mauve with some yellow highlights. The shape of flower arrangements very natural. The white parasols attaching to the archway preserved a romantic feeling. You will feel like in a Miyazaki’s movie at the wedding.

Kate & Spencer

Karen, our designer Becky and their team are extremely experienced and have great taste. I had very specific requirement for my wedding style and couldn’t find many planners or designers could get my exact needs. Karen and Becky got it straightaway. Was the best experience I had. Everything was well thought and well designed. So much attention to fine details. Nothing for us to worry about on the day, they got our stuff totally well planned and scheduled. We absolutely got a perfect wedding, all our guests loved our wedding, said that was extraordinary experience. Thanks very much for making our dream wedding true.