• Minnie and Joe

    Karen is a very good wedding planner who focuses on details and has a high aesthetic standard. She is trustworthy. It’s a pleasure to talk to her every time and she always replies timely. That makes me feel very warm.

  • Amanda and Steven 

    I compared many wedding planners and chose Karen as my wedding planner. The result turned great. I have to stress this three times: Karen is the best wedding planner in Melbourne. Karen is the best wedding planner in Melbourne. Karen is the best wedding planner in Melbourne.

  • Sasha and Leo

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  • Sarah and Liam

    I participated in a friend’s wedding and Karen was the wedding planner. I could felt that wedding was totally different from what I attended in China. I like the whole fresh and elegant decoration and my friend praised Karen a lot, so I asked Karen for her contact number right after that wedding. 

    Wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime thing so I hope everything could be perfect, and I had a lot of requirements. I talked with Karen a lot after we signed the contract and we had many meetings to discuss about it. I want to make sure every detail could be perfect and outstanding. Finally the wedding was exactly what I hoped. Thanks for Karen, I think she is the best wedding planner in Melbourne.

  • Cindy and Will

    Recommended by a friend with a high evaluation, I chose Karen without many hesitations. Karen helped me all the way and made the preparation of wedding not miserable at all. Thanks for the well-planned wedding!

  • Tiana and Keb

    Karen is THE best wedding planner I’ve ever met.

  • Serena and Eric

    Among all the weddings I attended, the one planned by Karen was the best. That’s the reason I choose her for my own wedding! Best wedding planner in Australia!

  • Shirley and Chiman

    The flowers from KW Weddings & Flowers are of high quality and make the venue look great.

  • Stella and Bob

    I love the flowers from KW! Very lovely! Thumb up!

  • Chalsea and Edwin

    Thank you Karen and her team, I could see you’re doing this by heart. Nice job.