Wedding Flowers and Event Flowers Services

If you need the flower arrangement for your weddings , or you need the flower arrangement for your event or performance, Karen Wang Weddings & Flowers could provide you the professional flower decoration.

The team of Karen Wang Weddings & Flowers has experienced designers and stylists. They will present your wedding decoration proposal with the full color sketch and inset. It helps you to visualize every scene of you wedding decoration.

The florists hand pick the best quality of fresh flowers. They match the different kinds of flowers for the theme colour of your weddings. They use their professional skills to create the scene of you wedding flower arrangement.

The florists of Karen Wang Weddings & Flowers are from China, Australia and Japan. All the florists have at least 5 years florist experience. They fulfilled the advanced florist training course.

The team of Karen Wang Weddings & Flowers loves flowers and loves the wedding industry. They create the things that make your perfect day and make your happy future.


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