About Karen Wang Weddings & Flowers

Karen Wang established Karen Wang Weddings & Flowers in 2017, which brings together her enormous love for weddings, event planning and floristry. With more than five years of industry experience Karen offers her expertise in wedding planning, styling and floristry services to couples all over Australia.

The breadth of Karen’s experience and her team has afforded them a large network of specialist and suppliers within the realm of wedding planning and coordinating. As Karen has been fortunate enough to coordinate and manage the French pianist Richard Clayderman’s Australian Concert Tour across three cities between February and June 2017. Again that year between July and October Karen coordinated and managed the Animenz Australia Tour held at Melbourne Recital Centre. Concurrently since 2013 until 2017 Karen was working with Ardeur Weddings and Events as a wedding planner, serving hundreds of couples and working alongside a renowned industry leader.

Karen is well regarded for her attention to detail and professionalism within the industry having worked with suppliers and venues for several years. These values are shared among the young, passionate and creative team she leads, having spent months sourcing the right talent to work with her. Karen’s team includes coordinators, designers and florists. The Florist team is multitalented comprising of florists from all over the world such as Taiwan, China, Australia and Japan. The design and styling team is made up of Graphic and Interior Designers sharing a total of 30 years industry experience.

Karen couldn’t be prouder of her team and the service she offers. Her passion and love for weddings makes all the work she does a pleasure to do. Karen strives to create not just individual weddings, but unique timeless weddings for couples and their families. While Karen’s efforts to make every feature of your wedding look and feel stunning, her greatest reward is being host to one of the most important days for you and your family.


Karen Wang Team

Karen Wang - Wedding Planner and Florist

At the age of sixteen I was captivated by the glamourous wedding magazines, filled with incredible imagery of styled weddings and intricate floristry. From this young age I was already determined to become a wedding planner. On my first day of university the teacher asked everyone what they wanted to do after graduation, even now, my classmates are still so impressed that I am following the same aspiration I had all those years ago - as I said I really wanted to be a good wedding planner. I find myself grateful that I am lucky enough to have found what I want to do for the rest of my life. While I may have discovered the meaning of my happiness, I always keep an open mind in order to accept and learn new things. My mantra in life is to continue to learn and help others to follow their heart and keep striving for success.


Martin Han - Production Manager, Florist and Photographer

Martin Han, male, 6ft tall, age still unknown - was the shopkeeper of the popular florist in Melbourne Central, Morning Flowers. Because Martin is always bringing miracles to us, we call him the flower wizard of weddings. Having worked in the industry for years, Martin brings expertise from being involved in countless weddings. In saying so, he has concluded the following thoughts: A wedding is not just a ceremony, it is more like a milestone of life for both the bride and groom. From that moment, the relationship between the couple has been promoted and reinforced. The love between them is expanding. Flowers have a beautiful, yet short life, which implies the brevity of human life and the beauty of love. Life takes wings.  Is it because love is so beautiful and addictive, it makes you have this illusion that our life is so short? Or is it because of the immortal life we have, we dedicate our best to the relationship and makes it shine? Please love your loved one and give her/him the most beautiful love and flowers.


Jenny Li - Florist

I have been the student of Fabienne Egger, the Florist Director of Macqueen in England. Meanwhile, I learn the skill and design of Modern Flower Arrangement from Hideyuki Niwa, the well-known Japanese Modern Florist. I graduated in Bachelor of Biology, with rich knowledge of botany. It helps me a lot in the floristry.


Wendy Zhao - Wedding and Event Planner

I have always been passionate about event planning and event management, from sumptuous special occasions to the formal conferences and corporate events, there is no event i don’t like. I enjoy seeing the smiles on peoples faces and the lasting memories that a special event creates.

A perfectionist on every detail, I aim to bring your vision to reality, and bring your dreams to life. I thrive on ensuring that your thoughtful details are organized and executed just as you’ve envisioned.

I look forward to working with you to create your memorable occasion!


Vivian Huang - Wedding Planner and Make-Up Artist

A “low-key” lady who wishes to embrace everything with the warmth of her love. Vivian brings over six years of experience as a professional Make-Up Artist to the team, she is also a huge lover of flowers, trees and animals, basically loves all wonderful and kind living matter. It is Vivian‘s greatest honour to be a part of your special big day and looks forward to working with you down to the very finest detail.


Yao Yao- Wedding Designer

Yao has been engaged in the wedding industry for 5 years, and she has accumulated all aspects of styling and planning experiences. She said, wedding planning is the most practical and down- to-earth design work to achieve happiness. With tons of love and passion, She has been pursuing wedding dream since college, hoping to bring the most touching, unique and exclusive wedding for every new couple.

Jacqueline L - Senior Designer

Coming from a multidisciplinary background that spans graphics, industrial and furniture design. With over 10 years of experience in the design & print industry, Jacqueline is constantly being inspired by the creativity around her. She loves exploring new areas of design and over the past few years she has really found a passion in event stationery. Jacqueline loves being involved in the creative process of a couple’s special day and striving to create an invitation suite that portrays their style and aesthetic. She is experienced in working with beautiful paper stocks, different printing and finishing methods to complement and enhance a design.


Cheryl Ye - Designer and Illustrator 

An uninhibited neophile. Cheryl collects every single beautiful moment in life. She respects all kinds of unexpected collisions between different art and values. Expect Cheryl to be the communicator who connects the dots between our dreams and reality. She looks forward to meeting you at the beginning of another new and exciting journey.